Weekly Special #2

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Week #2! Oh yeah!

I tried to get a bit of variety into these tracks this week. I’d like to try to get a sampling from all the different genres each week (which, of course, is impossible, but we can try!), so that hopefully, any given person will like at least one of the remixes.

Shall we begin?

White Feather In The Storm (Gusty Garden Galaxy) – Super Mario Galaxy
ReMixer – CarboHydroM
Album – Random Gamer Memories

Ahhh …. Super Mario Galaxy. And Gusty Garden, no less! The source tune is, by far, one of my favorite video game tracks of all time. And I must say, this is one of the few remixes of it that I’ve heard that truly does it justice.

CarboHydroM does a nice, light rock take on this song, keeping the airy feel, but speeding it up a bit to fit the style better. It’s a lot of fun, so have a listen!


Dark Horizons (The Dark World) – Super Smash Bros. Series
ReMixer – Sam Dillard
Album – Harmony of Heroes

This. Track. Is. Epic.

It has strings. It has horns. It even has choir. It is a fantastic symphonic remix of the Legend of Zelda’s Dark World (with a couple of other source tunes thrown in for good measure). Just … Listen … and bask in the glory.


As an aside, one of my favorite things about this track, perhaps a little surprisingly, is the fact that it incorporated the Temple theme which plays in the background in the Hyrule Castle stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This was one of my favorite stages growing up, so it’s very nostalgic for me. Brings back memories, and all that. Plus, I don’t hear Temple remixed all that often, so it was a really nice surprise when I listened to this track for the first time! Anyhoo …

Thump Brothers (Brothers Bear GBA) – Donkey Kong Country 3
ReMixer – Flexstyle
Album – Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!

Sometimes what makes a song good is the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This one starts off with beatboxing.

Yup. Beatboxing. And I love it so much.

It then transitions into a nice electronic groove with some deep saw wave synths. And Flexstyle has fun with it. Not to mention the retro-style arpeggios.


Indulge me another aside if you will … when you listen to as many VG Remixes as I do, they can start to blend together a bit, both the tracks and even more especially the artists. Seriously … you see the artist listed and you’re like, “Who’s this guy?” However, occasionally you’ll start to recognize patterns where when such and such a person works on a track, it’s generally pretty good, has a certain style, etc. It usually takes awhile, but sometimes it happens. And this is the track that did it for me with Flexstyle. He’s got some good stuff, mostly fun electronic tracks.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tracks! Comment below if you did, or if you have a certain ReMix/source tune/music genre you’d like me to post!

What do you guys want, eh? 😉


One thought on “Weekly Special #2

    Matthew R. said:
    August 9, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Me likey! Dark Horizions is my fave this time around. ^_^ I counted at least three other themes in addition to the Dark World theme, which was awesome. I tend to like any symphonic remix anyway, so yeah. XD

    The Gusty Garden remix was pretty good, but I prefer the original. I mean, how can one improve on perfection? Lol, but seriously, he did a good job giving it a new sound.

    Thump Brothers is quite groovy, as they would say in the ’70s, haha! More remixers should include beatboxing in their tunes! This was a really cool song.

    Sorry for being late here! Can’t wait to listen to #3!

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