Weekly Special #3

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Cruising right along, here’s Week #3! The selection I’ve got for you this time has a little more electronic/digital sound mixed in with it, but we’ve still got quite a range of styles. Weird how that can work sometimes, eh?

Let’s do this!

Voodoo, Roots ‘n Grog (LeChuck) – Monkey Island
ReMixer – Diggi Dis feat. Alex Jones
Album – Heroes vs. Villains

This one is fun.  Starts out with just a bouncy guitar, adds a beat, and then … le trumpet?!

Diggi Dis usually comes up with a pretty funky groove for his tracks. This one goes back and forth between a fun slap-bass style beat for the rest of the remix and then goes into a digital funk solo at one point. And then … okay, you know what? Just listen. It’s fun, you’ll enjoy it.

It’s also probably my favorite out of the three for this week. 🙂


Spelunking in Space (Cocoa Cave) – Kirby Super Star
ReMixer – Hylian Lemon
Album – Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute

If you like retro video game tracks, then this is the remix for you! Hylian Lemon takes on that style, but goes crazy with synth solos, pitch bends, vibrato, etc. While it starts out with an ambient, spacey background, it quickly ups the pace with  a bouncy beat and really fun lead. Fits Kirby really well, in my opinion.

While this track doesn’t have the clearest melody in the world, it is a blast to listen to. I can’t even play it without bobbing my head to the music!


Camp Kefka (Troops March On) – Final Fantasy VI
ReMixer – Joshua Morse
Album – Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

Ominous. That’s Camp Kefka. It’s a strange mix of acoustic drums/orchestral instruments and synth/guitar, but it works really well, giving it a highly intense feel. It’s not overly fast, but instead it takes its time. The pace of the song gives it a certain drive that says, “I … am a force to be reckoned with!”

Joshua Morse usually mixes tracks that are more upbeat and funky, so it was kinda cool to see a bit of a change there.

Oh, and there’s also a bit of dubstep later in the song.



Well, there you have it, three for three! I hope you all enjoyed these tracks. As always, please like and comment below if you have thoughts, suggestions, or if you just can’t contain your enthusiasm for this stuff like me!


One thought on “Weekly Special #3

    Matthew R. said:
    August 10, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Nice! The first track is probably my favorite of these three as well. Couldn’t help but tap my toes. ^_^

    Second track was quite good, too! I really like Hylian Lemon already — I loved Essence of Lime!! And I really, really, REALLY hope he decides to do a full Minish Cap album. (There’s a very sad lack of Minish Cap music on OCRemix.)

    The third track was also great. It’s neat to see how orchestral music can be combined so well with electric guitar and dubstep!

    Oh, and in the future, I’d love to hear some more retro-styled songs! I love me some chiptunes.

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