Weekly Special #4

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Alright, Week #4! For this time around, I tried to pick some tracks that were a little less digital sounding to try to balance out last week’s emphasis on electronic music. Not that there aren’t any synths or effects or anything, but just that they have a more acoustic or organic feel overall.

Here we go!

Birmingham Beatdown (Vs. Team England) – Super Dodge Ball
ReMixer – Hoha
Album – Super Dodge Ball: Around the World

This is a fun one. As the origin track would suggest, it sounds kind of like an instrumental British rock song. I really like the style it has. It’s not too heavy with the distortion, has a fun beat to it, and has a kind of catchy melody to boot!  Definitely a good song to listen to when you’re out for a drive.


Weeping Willow (Villages / Dialog) – Willow
ReMixer – ilp0
Album – Unsung Heroes

I really enjoy music that doesn’t just have repeating verses/chorus, but rather takes a starting melody and morphs over the course of the song into something completely new. This is one of those songs. It starts out having a fairly upbeat feel, but then later transitions into something a bit more somber and perhaps even slightly creepy (with an emphasis on the slightly). Perhaps melancholy would be a better description. I don’t know. Really cool song though. Just take a listen to see what I mean.


Picolescence (Travels with Tails: Invitation Screen) – Tails and the Music Maker
ReMixer – Zircon

Ahhh … this one. I love the feel. It’s got a really mellow, relaxing sound, with ambient synths and even a pretty catchy melody that comes in later in the song. Probably my favorite of the three this week, and definitely best if listened to with speakers that have good bass.


Well, that’s it for this week! If you have any thoughts or reactions, please comment below!

One thought on “Weekly Special #4

    Matthew R. said:
    September 20, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    All great! I also like the third best. ^_^

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