Weekly Special #5

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Hey, everyone! Week #5 here! I just moved back to college this past week, so my schedule has been kinda crazy, but I still managed to get a selection together for this week. Have a listen, and tell me what you think!

Days of Summer V2 (Days of Summer) – Radical Dreamers
ReMixers – ktriton, po!, Christian Pacaud
Album – Thieves of Fate: Radical Dreamers Remix Project

Mmm … Days of Summer. How appropriate, now that summer is OVER. 😐

But seriously, I love this track. It’s so relaxing, calm … but not boring. The soft guitar/bass combo is fantastic, along with the mellow drums and the violin. I actually have my alarm set to this on my phone, so I literally wake up to it every morning. That’s how good it is. 🙂

The one complaint I have is that some of the mastering needs some work and there are a few spots where it seems like the instruments aren’t quite synced up right. But if you can look past that, it’s great, you’ll love it, and probably set it to be your alarm or something too.


A Fistful of Nickels (Shadow) – Final Fantasy VI
ReMixer – zircon, XPRTNovice, Jillian Aversa, Jeff Ball
Album – Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

If you like the wild west … then this is the song for you. It has it all … harmonica, guitar … whistling … even some nice violin and vocal work. (think choir ahhs without the choir … and the lameness of midi samples).

It goes back and forth between having a nice calm cowboy sound and going for a super epic, wild west feel.

Oh, and it has a jawharp towards the end. Boom. Listen. Enjoy.


The Passing of the Blue Crown (Title) – Mega Man 3
ReMixers – Sixto Sounds, Steppo, zircon

This is a cool remix … it starts off mellow with a clean, echoey guitar, and then kicks in with some awesome distorted guitar and drums. Then it goes to a piano with a nice bass … Basically, instead of having a driving, distorted guitar the whole way through, overwhelming those of tender heart (or ear), it uses the heavy stuff a little more sparingly, creating a really awesome dichotomy between the clean, softer instruments and the hard, aggressive ones.

Now, it’s not a soft song … it’s definitely not. But it does a good job balancing everything and creating a cool feel.


So anyway, yeah! There’s week 5! If I had to pick, I might have to say that The Passing of the Blue Crown is my favorite track this week … but that’d be a tough call, because they’re all so different and good in different ways. Honestly, they’re pretty equal in my mind.

Hope you enjoyed the selection! Please, like and comment below with thoughts, suggestions … enthusiasm … anything at all!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Special #5

    Anonymous said:
    August 23, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    So, I usually don’t have anything to add after your comments, Joe, but here goes. 🙂
    I’m not the biggest fan of the harder songs, and I agree that the Mega Man remix did do a good job of mellowing the electric guitar in the beginning. But towards the end it became a little grinding, before the finale. I suppose that’s what you’re going to get when the song is so long. And perhaps it actually accentuates the more gentle notes of the finale to an advantage.
    Gotta love Days of Summer, though towards the end it seems just a little discordant, and the instruments could be better balanced volume-wise. The beginning is the best in my opinion.
    A Fistful of Nickles is just plain classic. 🙂 The vibrato-whistle and violin really do a number, and if the jawharp is the sound I think it is, I totally agree as to its awesomeness. It gives such a western feel, despite the horns. The horns! Who knew the brass could sound so perfectly natural here?
    Thanks! I love hearing old favorites. Keep posting!

    Matthew R. said:
    September 20, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    All great once again! I like the first two best, but the third is still awesome too. Now if only I knew how to set one of them as my alarm…

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