Weekly Special #8

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Hello again! Week #8 here! This time around, I decided to go for some slightly more obscure games … some recent, some ancient. With ancient being like 30 years ago … and recent being last year. So yeah. Let’s see how many of these you know!

Full of Hot Air (Main Theme) – Balloon Fight
ReMixer – Super Marcato Bros.
Album – Harmony of Heroes

Fine … so this one really isn’t that obscure for anyone who is a fan of classic NES games. But it’s kinda starting to fit in that category now that we have generations emerging that have never heard of cartridges or remember the days before the internet … or think that Link’s name is Zelda … grrrrrr …

Okay. Rant over. Time for music.

So think mariachi band meets funky guitar player, and that’ll go a long way in describing the genre of this remix. It. Is. Fantastic. The little improv bits they throw in are quite nice, and there’s a rhythm change towards the end that has a more relaxed, “chill” kind of mood to it. My favorite aspect of it though is the deep, acoustic bass at the beginning. If you have some nice speakers, crank ’em up, because you’ll be able to feel the heart of this song pumping to a groovy swing beat.


Cave Jam (Cimmerian Cavern) – Dungeonmanns
ReMixer – Joshua Morse
Album -Dungeonmans Remanstered

Ahh … indie games. Gotta love ’em.

Fun story … this remix is from a roguelike dungeon crawler game which actually had its original soundtrack composed by someone who started out as a VGM remixer … Zircon! Pretty awesome, eh? There are actually quite a few people who got their start in remixing tunes but then went on to compose official soundtracks. How cool is that?!

Again, back to this track. Joshua Morse takes his staple funk and applies a slightly darker coat than usual to this track. It’s got some nice slap bass, drums, leads … and also a bit of dubstep. Not a ton, just a enough to flavor the track. Makes for a very good start to the Dungeonmans Remanstered album, too (which, if you like this track, you should really consider checking out)!


Catch Me (The Requiem of Shield Knight) – Shovel Knight
ReMixer – RoeTaKa

This one’s for you, Matthew 😉

Now I don’t usually end with a soft track, but man … this one is sooo good! Shovel Knight is a newer game done in a retro style that has both really awesome music and fantastic pixilated graphics (that’s not contradiction, is it?). If you haven’t played it, you really should check it out.

Ironically, while most of the soundtrack is really, really awesome, varied, and catchy, the source for this remix is kinda repetitive. HOWEVER. This remix does a truly beautiful job of capturing all of the emotion that Shovel Knight must have pent up inside for his lost companion (I mean, he has recurring dreams about saving her again and again throughout the game, but whenever he wakes up, she’s not there. How sad is that?!). Oh, and did I mention that it’s all piano and strings?


And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the selection–please like and comment below if you did, or if you have any thoughts or questions!


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