Weekly Special #9

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Week #9! Man, the week went fast!

So just last week, a new remix album came out on OverClocked Remixes–Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart. I always get super excited when a new album comes out, because it generally means I’ve got at least 2 hours of new music to listen to, and odds are there are going to be a couple of real winners in there. Now I haven’t been able to listen to the whole thing yet, but I’ve decided that for this week, I’m going to post a few tracks from it that stood out to me.

Sound good?

Here we go!

Vamo alla Django (Vamo alla Flamenco) – Final Fantasy IX
ReMixers – AndyP, Fishy feat. Dan Bryant
Album – Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

Can I help it if this reminds me of some of the music from the Pixar movie Ratatouille?


This is a nice, bouncy, acoustic, gypsy jazz remix that just really just makes you want to tap your toes. The arrangement is really good–there’s a lot of fun little solo bits, and the melody harmonies they do are just wonderful (does that even make sense?).

Oh, and also the video shows Fishy and AndyP actually playing the guitars, so that’s pretty cool too.



Late Night Lindblum (Lindblum) – Final Fantasy IX
ReMixer – Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Album – Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

Now when I first heard this track start playing, I had to look up and see what it was. I’d never heard a remix with a sound quite like it–it makes me think of like a dark club atmosphere, but it’s got a definite drive to it that’s pretty cool.

It also ends with a cool little more acoustic section, which makes for a nice balance to the heavy synths in the beginning to middle.

Not much melody to it over all, it’s all about the beat and the bassline for the most part. The groove is strong with this one, though. 😉


Canaries and Hurricanes (Swords of Fury, Behind the Door) – Final Fantasy IX
ReMixer – Fishy
Album – Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

I was really having a hard time picking a third track this week … not because there weren’t any other good ones, but because there were quite a few that were good. But none of them really seemed to go with the other two I picked … So I tried to go with one that gave a more well-rounded representation of the album as a whole.

And that was tough too. 😛

However, there are quite a few hard rock songs, and quite a few orchestral remixes in this album, so I present to you …

… symphonic rock!

The beginning makes me think of something out of the movie Iron Man for some reason. The orchestral instruments fade from the foreground pretty quickly, a few synth leads come in toward the middle, and then the symphonic instruments return at the end for a nice conclusion.


And that’s it! If you liked these tracks, check out the full album and see what you think! Also, please like and comment below–It’s always nice to get thoughts and comments!

One thought on “Weekly Special #9

    Bobby said:
    September 23, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Wow! All good, but “Vamo alla Django” and “Late Night Lindblum” were my favorites.
    This first song was bouncy, cheerful, upbeat, and all around another Narshemellow, I think. 🙂 I really love the pure guitar flavor.
    The second has an epic groove. My sketches for art class suffered from un-suppressed bouncing. x)
    The third song has a good tune, too–a familiar FF melody, which is fun–but it was a little much electric for me… 😉

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