Weekly Special #10

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So for Week #10, I had one track in mind that I knew I wanted to post, but it took me quite awhile to sift through and find others that really complemented it well. Then I thought to myself … this track is pretty unique in the genre it employs … let’s select some other remixes that do something a little out of the ordinary!

And so, I give you … *drum roll*

Ma Chérie Nicolette (DuClare Chateau, Main Title) – Deus Ex
ReMixers – Alexander Brandon, Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles)
Album – Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation

This is a really cool remix: very atmospheric, and surprisingly, very melodic at points. It has great synths, a good beat, and fantastic build up over the course of the song. While with most songs you can listen to them and be like,”Oh, this part is the chorus … refrain … bridge … solo … ” etc, this remix has a cool effect of gradually morphing and growing into a fuller version of itself.

One of perhaps the coolest things about it, however, is the fact that the original composer of the source actually helped with this remix (Alexander Brandon)! Isn’t that fabulous?! It doesn’t happen often, but if this track is anything to judge by, I really wish it would happen more often!


Memories of an Ocarina (Bolero of Fire, Gohdan, Kokiri Forest, Epona’s Song, Song of Time, Sun’s Song, Inverted Song of Time, Serenade of Water, Shooting Gallery, Song of Healing, Windmill Hut) – Majora’s Mask
ReMixer – Daybreaker

This remix I literally just found today. And … it’s great. Although it’s just straight up piano, it crams over 10 original source melodies into about two and a half minutes (did anyone notice the unusually long title?)! If you’re familiar with The Legend of Zelda music, you should find the interplay between all the melodies to be just absolutely wonderful.

Short, sweet, and really intricate. I love it.


Hot for April! (Turtle Swing) – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV
ReMixer – Sixto Sounds
Album – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shocked

Sixto Sounds … He’s really quite good at rockin’ out on the old ‘lectric. And he does it often. But there are so many hard rock video game remixes … So what is it that makes this one stand out?

It’s hard rock swing.

Wait … wat?

It may sound a little strange, but let me tell you … it’s so good. And if you listen to the melody, it seriously sounds like a swing melody! I have a lot of friends both from high school and in college who love to swing dance, so when I first heard this track, you can imagine how excited I got, having two of my favorite opposing genres mashed together so well!

So please. Put on your dancing shoes, grab a partner, get swingin’!


Oh, and if you don’t know how to swing dance, you really should learn. It is a ton of fun … and it doesn’t even take that long to learn moves that’ll make it look like you’ve been dancing since before middle school. I went swing dancing just last night in a bar downtown, and it was an absolute blast!

And that concludes this week’s post! Hope you enjoyed the remixes, and please like and comment below!

Until next week!


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