Welcome to ChinStrokers!

Originally, I created this blog to try and felicitate discussion between myself and a few of my friends about the world at large. Unfortunately, that never happened. Because life.

Recently, however, I was reminiscing with one of said friends about how I used to send him video game music remixes back in the day, and how much fun it was. That got me thinking, “Hey, I should do that again!”

And so, without further ado, I hereby welcome you to the new ChinStrokers! It’s purpose (for the time being) will be to bring you “Weekly Specials”, consisting of a few of my favorite video game remixes to date. I have been listening to these for years and have literally thousands of them on my computer, so expect quite a variety in the coming weeks.

If you’re interested, I get most of my music from OverClocked ReMix. It’s a site that hosts thousands of fan-made video game remixes. Check it out if you like what you hear!

Happy Stroking!